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Coach (Mitch) Mitchell Goldstein is a Nationally Recognized Expert in tax delinquent property investing and a Real Estate Investor since 1972 in commercial and residential properties. Coach Mitch is dedicated to helping would be real estate investors to attain their financial goals through investing in tax delinquent real estate and has created various products and services to facilitate the tax delinquent real estate investor. Mitchell is a Jewish American of Hungarian and Polish extraction and a fan of Locke, Jefferson, and Madison, whose instincts against accumulated power have proven prescient; and of Washington, and Hamilton, whose notions regarding consolidated power required that honor and the highest moral behavior be the hallmark of those exercising power. E-Mail: CoachMitch@CoachMitch.com Website: CoachMitch.com

G-d Is A Political Necessity

Trump is but a mediocre beginning. Be Warned! Unless we have 20 years of successful Trump-like confrontation with The Swamp, your grandchildren will be growing up behind barbed wire and what will you say when they ask, “Grandpa, how did this happen and why didn’t you do anything to stop it?”

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