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When career criminal impostor president, Biden, issued his handler’s latest unconstitutional mandate, state governors went ballistic.  Americans who have refused those gene therapy injections now have even more fear of losing their paycheck.  That walking corpse has no clue what’s going on.  Just sign this piece of paper, Uncle Joe and your poll numbers will go up!

‘Our patience is wearing thin’: Biden tells employers of 100+ to require vaccines or tests – “We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us,” he said, all but biting off his words. The unvaccinated minority “can cause a lot of damage, and they are.”

“The expansive rules mandate that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly, affecting about 80 million Americans. And the roughly 17 million workers at health facilities that receive federal Medicare or Medicaid also will have to be fully vaccinated.

“Biden is also signing an executive order to require vaccination for employees of the executive branch and contractors who do business with the federal government — with no option to test out. That covers several million more workers.

“Biden announced the new requirements in a Thursday afternoon address from the White House as part of a new “action plan” to address the latest rise in coronavirus cases and the stagnating pace of COVID-19 shots that has raised doubts among the public over his handling of the pandemic.”  The fines are enormous.  Why not 75 or 200 employees?

Using a PCR test that doesn’t test for any virus or infection.  Yeah, the CDC said labs will need to find a new way to test by Dec. 2021.  CDC to Withdraw Emergency Use Authorization for RT PCR Test Because it Cannot Distinguish Between SARS-CoV-2 and the Flu  /  CDC, FDA faked “covid” testing protocol by using human cells mixed with common cold virus fragments… PCR tests are merely detecting the common cold

Sept. 11, 2021:  Members of Congress, their staffs will be exempt from Biden’s federal vaccine mandate– I’m not an attorney but doesn’t this have something to do with equal protection under the law?  The above are not subject to being forced to take one of those injections, but the peasants who will lose their jobs for not complying are not afforded the same protection?

USPS Not Covered by Biden’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate: Spokesman, Sept. 10, 2021

“The unvaccinated can cause a lot of damage and they are”?  The damage from those fake vaccines is killing and maiming people by the tens of thousandsBREAKING NEWS: 80% Of The COVID-19 Deaths In August Were Vaccinated People Confirmed The Public Health Data!  /  COVID Injections: Killing, Permanently Disabling Nurses, Doctors, Teachers / Toronto Doctor Admits VCC Side Effects Are Overrunning Hospitals, NOT CV Patients

“As the doctor says below, hospital admissions should be at their lowest but are not – a lot of admissions are due to the vaccinated. Further, emergency units are not overflowing. He estimates that around 3,000 doctors and nurses are going to quit. (Is this 3,000 for Toronto or the province of Ontario? We don’t know.) He estimates he’ll lose his job within the month.”

The unvaccinated are the problem, Joe? Inflammatory Disorders, Cancer Markers on the Rise, Sept. 4, 2021 – “Dr. Ryan Cole, a Mayo Clinic-trained, triple-boarded pathologist, also said that he’s seeing potential cancer-causing changes, including decreases in receptors that keep cancer in check, and other adverse events post-vaccine:

“I’m seeing countless adverse reactions … it’s really post-vaccine immunodeficiency syndrome … I’m seeing a marked increase in herpetic family viruses, human papilloma viruses in the post-vaccinated. I’m seeing a marked uptick in a laboratory setting from what I see year over year of an increase of usually quiescent diseases.

“In addition to that — and correlation is not causation — but in the last six months I have seen — you know, I read a fair amount of women’s health biopsies — about a 10- to 20-fold increase of uterine cancer compared to what I see on an annual basis. Now we know that the CD8 cells are one of our T-cells to keep our cancers in check.

“I am seeing early signals … what I’m seeing is an early signal in the laboratory setting that post-vaccinated patients are having diseases that we normally don’t see at rates that are already early considerably alarming.” (This, tragically, is just the beginning.)

100+ Ontario Youth Sent to Hospital for Vaccine-Related Heart Problems, Report Shows (mRNA shots)

BOMBSHELL 95% of Israel’s hospitalizations have been vaccinated, Aug. 6, 2021

For God’s sake America, wake up:  Besides Fetal Deaths, Breastfeeding Babies are Dying and becoming Sick following Mothers’ COVID Shots, Sept. 6, 2021.  Big pharma “fact check” pimps in the media can shut the hell up.  Those cases come straight from the VAERS reporting site (1%).

Biden, Fauci, Pelosi, & Newsom All Objected To Mandatory Vaccines, Sept. 10, 2021

“I don’t think you’ll ever see a mandating of vaccine, particularly for the general public,” Fauci said on Tuesday during a town hall. Fauci said everyone has the right to refuse a vaccine. “If someone refuses the vaccine in the general public, then there’s nothing you can do about that. You cannot force someone to take a vaccine,” he said.”

“In April, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said “we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. That’s just not what we can do.”

Oops: Biden Adviser Says Administration Will ‘Run Over’ GOP Governors Who Resist Vaccine Mandates.

Because the resistance against those experimental injections is massive, the shadow government is attempting to get the job done with threats and not just here.  Over in Australia people are essentially locked away, can only travel two miles from their home – with permission – to buy food, don’t talk to your neighbor.  How absurd.

I spoke to a lady over the weekend up in Montana who told me people she’s spoken with in the Philippines:  Starve the unvaccinated.   Can’t leave your house, can’t buy food because you have no money because you can’t get out to work.  They’ve got nothing on the Nazi’s.

She also asked me if I’ve heard of people dying after the injections in my area?  She said every few days now it’s someone she knows or knows of injected with that mRNA technology has died.  My reaction was, my God.  Hers:  It’s starting, isn’t it?

Immediately after puppet Biden made the announcement 19 state Attorney Generals came blustering out of their fog, outraged: ‘We Will Fight Biden to the Gates of Hell to Protect Liberty‘ – GOP Governors Prepare to Sue Biden Admin Over Unconstitutional Vax Mandate.

What hypocrites  – especially our governor, Greg Abbott [R-TX]:  “Biden’s vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses. I issued an Executive Order protecting Texans’ right to choose whether they get the COVID vaccine & added it to the special session agenda. Texas is already working to halt this power grab.” No he didn’t.

Here’s his EO signed August 25, 2021.  Private sector employers continue firing those who refuse to get one of those injections;big numbers in the health care industry.  Nursing homes, assisted living – they can still kill off your loved one by forcing them to take one of those injections.

“WHEREAS, subsequently, on August 23, 2021, while the legislature was already convened in a special session, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved one of the COVID- 19 vaccines for certain age groups, such that this vaccine is no longer administered under an emergency use authorization for those age groups; and WHEREAS, while this COVID-19 vaccine is now FDA-approved for certain age groups, others are not yet approved and still are administered under an emergency use authorization; and”

I feel absolutely confident Abbott didn’t write that EO.  It likely came from the Attorney General’s office, Ken Paxton.  Those lawyers write up all those legal documents.  Shame on them for misleading Texans.  How about your governor?

Scandal Behind the FDA Fake Approval of Pfizer Jab

“US vaccinologist and a developer of the mRNA technique, Dr Robert Malone, has accused the FDA of playing a “bureaucratic shell game” with their supposed early approval of the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine. He cites the two separate FDA letters, “There is a letter for Pfizer and a letter for BioNTech. The New York Times and the Washington Post got it wrong. The authorization is not for Pfizer. The authorization is for BioNTech, and it will only be initiated at the time BioNTech product becomes available…”

“Adding to the bizarre irregularities, in their two separate letters, one to BioNTech and another to Pfizer, the FDA repeatedly deletes the location of the vaccine manufacturing they approve. Why that? Is it in China where BioNTech has a joint agreement with Fosun Pharma of Shanghai to jointly produce and market Comirnaty vaccine for COVID-19? Why do they need to hide that location data from the public? Would it expose the entire fraud?” That column is well worth the time to read.

Abbott’s statement above, “Biden’s vaccine mandate is an assault on private businesses” is accurate, but what about employer’s assault on the rights of employees being threatened with losing their jobs if they refuse to play Russian Roulette with their health?  In his EO Abbott talks about being in special session – there was a bill in the first special session to stop employers from firing employees.  Where were you then, Gov. Abbott?  It died.

Gov. Greg Abbott slams Biden administration over vaccine mandate for employers, Sept. 9, 2021:  “Abbott has encouraged Texans to get vaccinated but insists that they shouldn’t be forced to do so. At the governor’s request, state lawmakers will consider legislation to bar local governments from mandating COVID-19 vaccinations for their residents when they convene later this month for a third special session.”

This could all have been done and over with in the first special session.  While this was a good first step, it doesn’t solve the problem of people losing their jobs:  Gov. Greg Abbott signs bill to punish businesses that require proof of COVID-19 vaccination – “Texas businesses that require customers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 will be denied state contracts and could lose their licenses or operating permits under legislation Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law Monday.

“Texas is open 100%, and we want to make sure you have the freedom to go where you want without limits,” Abbott said before signing the law, in a video he posted Monday on Twitter. “Vaccine passports are now prohibited in the Lone Star State.

Again, Blabbet aka Abbott is only talking about state agencies and local governments. What about McDonald’s or China (Wal) Mart or Home Depot or car dealerships or restaurant owners?  Montana is the only state in the Union which prohibits employers from firing employees because they refuse to be a lab rat for those experimental injections.  Texans:  Our legislature is now in its third special session.  Prohibiting employers from firing employees is NOT on Abbott’s agenda: Governor Abbott Announces Third Special Session Date And Agenda, Sept. 7, 2021.  Redistricting which is based the latest census that includes ILLEGAL ALIENS who vote in our elections.  Stopping mentally ill individuals from participating in sports where the person claims to be a girl but is biologically and forever a male.

Burn up the phones to your state rep and senator:  If a bill is not passed prohibiting employers from firing employees for not getting one of those I WILL vote against you in the primary.  Texans should not lose their paychecks.  We’ve had it with you and Gov. Abbott on this.Do what the State of Montana has done:  No jab you cannot be fired.  Call Abbott’s office and tell him no way will you vote for him in the primary next year if he does not sign into law a bill that prohibits employers firing employees for refusing those injections.  Only massive heat will get the job done.

As I’ve written in my past several columns, this nightmare all across this country has got to stop. Stop COVID Injections: Cut Off the Head, August 16, 2021.  Vaccine manufacturers were given immunity from killing and maiming people decades ago by the bought and paid for whores in Congress.  But, are they protected under EUA?

I wrote about this May 10, 2021:  PCR Lawsuits – Should Hospitals Be Included? One of the links is to this video interview with Dr. David Martin:  Key: Learn Why the 1986 Vaccine Protection Act Does Not Protect Covid-19 Injections(33:40) I watched that interview again over the weekend and highly recommend you find the time to watch it.  At 2:27 into the interview, Dr. Martin says in Moderna’s SEC filings they describe those injections as gene therapy.  Because I had watched that video back in May, I went and found the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) filings and covered them in my Cut Off the Head column cited above:

Pfizer – “Pg 16:  “Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.”

Moderna – “Regulatory requirements governing gene and cell therapy products have evolved and may continue to change in the future, and the implications for mRNA-based therapies are unknown…Currently, mRNA is considered a gene therapy product by the FDA.”

Should this be tested in a court of law?  Yes, just like the PCR tests.  How many Americans were forced into 14-day quarantine because of a PCR test losing two weeks pay?  Not to mention the stress and anxiety of believing you have a killer virus that no one can prove exists.  If Pfizer & Moderna can be sued, it would cut off the head of this beast.

The next interview with Dr. David Martin I covered in my July 19, 2021 column, COVID-19 Patents: State Little RICO Acts Prosecution?I linked to this very important video:  Nothing about the “novel” coronavirus is new: Dr. David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich, July 11, 2021.  Reiner Fuellmich, for those unfamiliar with him, is a consumer rights attorney with impressive wins against huge corporations.  Dr. David Martin’s bio is given at the beginning of the video.

If you scroll down on that video page above, you’ll see the grounds Dr. Martin lists for a RICO regarding patents.  Dr. Martin is one highly intelligent man who should not be underestimated regarding his knowledge in these areas.  He’s been shredded by the prostitute media and “fact checkers” who can’t find their arse with a laser driven drone.  Do watch that interview with Reiner.

So, imagine my surprise when I became aware of ‘The Omega Brief’ last week posted on Texas Right to Know web site; link directly to the brief.

“WHEREFORE, PREMISES CONSIDERED, we pray that the evidence contained in the following documents will result in the State of Texas pursuing criminal charges against all national and international bad actors who premeditated crimes against humanity by instigating the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, which is responsible for loss of millions of lives and devastation to world economies. As evidenced, the coronavirus pandemic is a racketeering, criminal conspiracy managed by Anthony Fauci, Peter Daszak, and Ralph Baric outlined in the Fauci Dossier document.

“On behalf of Texans and the people of the world, we plead for Governor Greg Abbott to immediately command actions necessary to file racketeering charges against all perpetrators, for “Terror to Intimidate or Coerce a Civilian Population” in violation of Section 802 of the USA Patriot Act and the other nine criminal activities outlined in the attached Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier.”

All of them now have that Brief:  Texas State Elected Officials Received Notice of Pandemic Criminal Conspiracy and Racketeering

Abbott can request actions but a state Little RICO Act has to be filed by a state prosecutor.  That 77-pg Omega Brief was send to Texas legislators (I’m assuming that means both the House and Senate), Gov. Abbott, (FAX:  (512) 475-2576); Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, House Speaker Dade Phelan (RINO), Department of Public Safety Capitol office, and August 17, overnight delivery to Attorney General Ken Paxton and the State of Department Health and Human Services (DSHS).  A huge undertaking by Texas Right to Know folks.

Paxton is the one we want to pound on and demand he and his top prosecutors sit down with Dr. David Martin and go through all the evidence and then file the RICO.  That will NOT happen unless we burn up the phone lines.  Faxes if you can find one for the above including your state rep and senator. 

All these lawsuits across the country take time while people are dying or maimed for life.  Too many have been killed by ignorant judges who know nothing about what’s really going on.  We have to, I believe, go after the manufacturers and immunity.  We only need one state to file a little State RICO Act and the dominoes will start falling.

Texans by the tens of thousands burn up those phone lines.  They’re in Austin now in special session; faxing is better if you can find the number.  Look at the success we’ve had killing the communist propaganda known as Critical Race Theory across this country.  Parents have roared and the bullies have back down.  Not everywhere but it’s just a matter of time.

The same goes for school boards and their mask mandates.  When they rule against science, you get out and recall them or make sure they do not get reelected.  SF School Board Recall Supporters Turn in Over 81,000 Signatures, Guaranteeing Recall Election (Not same issue but recalls can be successful. It takes boots on the ground and commitment.)

The school districts in this state flipping off Gov. Abbott’s EO regarding no masks in schools will have consequences for those ignorant, arrogant school district honchos.  Texas AG Paxton suing school districts for defying Gov. Abbott mask mandate executive order

Going back to the Omega Brief.  On page 16 they refer to DARPA.  That is covered in the video interview I cited above with Dr. Martin.  For those unfamiliar with DARPA it stands for Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  This isn’t a column to go into DARPA but they are not what is sold to an unsuspecting public.  Far from it:  “On June 5, 2008 – which was around the time that DARPA took an active interest in coronavirus as a biological weapon – Ablynx, now part of Sanofi, filed a series of patents targeting what we’ve been told are novel features of SARS-CoV-2.” SARS-CoV-2 aka COVID-19.

Down on pg 17 of that eye opening brief:  “29. PN 68: The script for this was written first January 6, 2004.  (My comment:  Jan. 6th, a day that will go down in infamy.)

  1. PN 70: MERCK. At a conference called SARS and Bioterrorism. Bioterrorism emerging,infectious diseases antimicrobials therapeutics and immune modulators. MERCK introduced,the notion of what they called, “The New Normal”, proper noun.”

The third prong of attack is what I covered in my column, Can the CDC, FDA, Fauci & NAID Be Sued for Fraud?  No need to cover it again here.  Here is a list of law firms that can help but it would be very advantageous if they know what’s going on or you know an attorney who does and can contact them. These firms are fighting mandates, skirmishes.  We want to win the war.

There are thousands and thousands of freedom groups and organizations in this country.  If we can all get focused on going after Pfizer & Moderna, getting one state prosecutor to file a little State RICO Act and if possible, sue the CDC, et all for fraud and (?) malfeasance, wrong doing by people in authority, then we will see even more scrambling.  Networking works.  I’ve had more people contact me the last three weeks than I can count after reading my latest columns.  I am but one, together we will be a force to be reckoned with because we will not back down.  You don’t win a football game by sitting on the sideline.

For months it’s been nothing but a galactic poop show from the CDC and petty dictator mayors, governors, school board honchos and employers who don’t know a damn thing.  None of them know what to do at this point.  Those injections do not work and will never work – except to kill and maim.  Desperation is seeping out of the evil doers like a water fall.  This forced, as brain dead Biden put it “expansive rules mandate” regarding employers:  Stuff it Biden.  We will not comply.  Employers:  Stand up for the truth, your rights and the rights of your valuable employees who keep your business going.

They also know the clock is ticking.  All the scientists I’ve covered and probably more I don’t know about because there are thousands around the globe who’ve been warning for the past nine months about those injections – their time lines are running on schedule.  Tragically.

Prof. Cahill said in January the spike in deaths would come around March &April.  It did and now we’re seeing more which I covered in a past column:  Using Open VAERS the number of adverse events is done by 10 case ID numbers per page.  With 463,456 cases posted, that’s tens of thousands of pages to examine by ID number.  I did 315 pages looking only for the red dot which indicates death.  Just a minuscule sample.

VAERS ID: 1441603.  Injected Jan. 29, 2021.  Died May 6, 2021, 98 days after injection.  75 days from injection to death71 days until deathDifferent ID, 75 days until death.  127 days until death.  Months after getting the injection just as Prof. Cahill, Dr. Tenpenny and others said was going to happen.

Those injected in June, July wait 3-4 weeks until the second shot.  Predictions are major spikes in deaths will start again from October – December.  Right on target according to all those molecular biologists, microbiologists and doctors.  I wish they were all wrong, but I’m afraid “time will tell” is coming to pass.  1/3 of the human race on this planet has been jabbed.

Every bit of negative data is being censored like a million-ton rock on the Internet.  The worse it gets the more attacks will happen targeting doctors and scientists telling the truth.But, Americans who believed the CDC and government officials will start figuring things out when they (if they don’t die) begin to develop neurological problems, serious trouble with liver, kidney, heart, lungs, brain & autoimmune diseases even though there’s no history in their family.  This is not going to end well.  VAERS latest 1% reporting:  Nearing the 20,000 mark for permanently disabled.

It’s not enough to say we won’t comply.  We need to go after the manufacturers of the PCR tests which gave birth to the hysteria and lockdowns.  Go after the pharmaceutical companies outlined in Dr. Martin’s interview linked above which has a long fact sheet.  And, the CDC et al for fraud.

That takes lawyers who specialize in those fields and state Attorney General’s getting the facts.  That Omega Brief is very well done and documented.  I pray this all starts happening.

This is also a must watch video.  Dr. Peter McCullough Destroys the Official COVID Narrative – How interesting.  The link for Dr. McCullough’s bio which was on Baylor’s web site is now dead.  Naughty boy, he believes in his oath of do no harm but we’re talking oodles of money here so it’s time to cancel him.  This one is accurate.

Someone the other day asked me when are these governors, mayors, employers and other politicians going to wake up? When they or family members start suffering massive medical problems from those injections.  Just like the sailors on the Russian submarine in the movie, Hunt for Red October, their arrogance will do them in.

The Hunt for Red October (8/9) Movie CLIP – You’ve Killed Us (1990) HD

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“Dr. Hooman Noorchashm, a former assistant professor of surgery at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, blasted Biden’s new sweeping vaccine requirements, charging that to “mandate vaccination of any COVID-recovered American against his/her will is unscientific, unethical and illegal!”

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“They should’ve told us,” Roberts said.  In October 1976, the swine flu immunization program was halted in nine states after three elderly people died following inoculation, just six months after President Ford signed a bill authorizing the immunization plan. By December, the scheme was stopped nationwide. How many need to die?”

Covid horror as CT scan shows swab test causes man’s brain to LEAK for nine months (Rare until you get a CT scan which millions know nothing about or those nasopharyngeal COVID-19 tests which I covered in a recent column.

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