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Greg Ciola is the editor and publisher if Crusader Magazine, a powerful alternative health publication that supports a coalition of activists around the world who are deeply concerned about important health issues. Ciola's publication has built a reputation for journalistic honesty and integrity. Ciola believes that there is a conscious effort going on to sabotage our health. He feels compelled to inform people about the truth so that we can all be more empowered to make healthy decisions towards wellness.

A Prayer To Save Us From A Global Health Crisis

Please hear our prayers now. Drive Satan and all the demons of hell away from our nation and away from all Christians around the world that are being persecuted for their Faith. Free us from the tyrannical control they are seeking to impose upon us. May you get all the honor and the glory for the victory.

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Alkaline vs. Acid, Life & Death Hangs in the Balance

The time is right for a paradigm shift to intelligent self-care and learning the divine mechanisms behind God’s magnificent, self-healing system – a process termed autogenic. We need a new level of understanding about the body’s own inherent, innate ability to heal itself. It’s time for a real wake-up call to the true causes of all disease and the direct enemies of self-healing. 

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Stomach Problems Are The #1 Complaint To Doctors

The slow accumulation of toxins and fecal debris lingering in the digestive system are the direct cause of a wide range of modern diseases. Toxicities not only slow the body’s elimination systems down and weaken it, but they also interfere with cellular integrity by causing a massive load of free radicals to enter the bloodstream.

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Beware Of the Sorcerer’s Medicine

The primary purpose of this story has been to educate you further about the occult roots of the pharmaceutical industry and to expose the demonic forces behind the drastic increase of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. This story offers no medical advice other than a warning to readers to “Beware of The Sorcerer’s Medicine”.

By |2022-04-01T00:31:53-04:00April 1st, 2022|

I Almost Died and Went Bankrupt from Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma

When I explained what I was going through with brain cancer, they told me there was a great chance they could help me.  I filled out the application and sent them my health documents. Within a few weeks, they told me they had a buyer.I received over a six-figure amount that saved me from going bankrupt and losing everything. I’m still not out of the woods with cancer.

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